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How individual ranking is determined and strategies to improve your ranking

The USAC Points system calculates a rider's ranking based on their performance in races. Here's a simplified summary of the process:

1. A rider's ranking is calculated from the average of their 5 best results in the past 3 months.

2. Rankings are set between 0 and 600 points. A lower score means a better ranking.

3. To improve a ranking, a rider must beat riders who are currently ranked stronger.

The points system has three critical calculations: Race Quality, Points per Place, and Ranking Points.

- Race Quality: Calculated using the average of the best 5 riders finishing in the top 10 places, multiplied by 0.9. The minimum value is 540 points.

- Points per Place: Defines the difference in points a rider receives based on their finishing position. It is calculated using the average ranking of finishers, race quality, and the total number of finishers.

- Ranking Points: Calculated using race quality, the rider's place, and points per place.

Field size and average ranking can have a significant impact on the points earned.

In the pursuit of a better ranking, one must be deliberate in selecting races. Seek races where terrain and finishes favor your strengths and where formidable opponents gather, for it is in their presence that a rider can truly test their mettle. The quality of the race, determined by the prowess of the top five riders, shall reveal the path to victory and the chance for better points.

Consistency is helpful, but persistence is the foundation of a rider's ranking. It is the sum of their five best races in the span of three months, and with each solid performance, the rider's reputation is shaped.  In racing, one must find the courage to take risks. The risks in each race may be insignificant, but the reward for victory in high-quality races is substantial. With calculated risks comes the opportunity for meaningful achievement.

Races with more participants offer greater opportunities for success. More riders mean the difference in points between positions is smaller, a fact that can play in one's favor.re parti

The sharpening of one's skills and the honing of one's strength are the tools a rider must wield to carve their place among the best. Train relentlessly, master the race tactics, and emerge victorious against those ranked higher.

Lastly, study the records of past races, for they are the blueprints of future conquests. Study the race description on Zwiftpower, and understand the powerups, the race terrain and finish line.  Identify the events frequented by the strongest, and in facing them, earn the points that will elevate your ranking.

For a rider seeking greatness, the path lies in beating the stronger, the faster, the ones that seem unbeatable. Choose the races that challenge you, and in overcoming those challenges, find your place among the best.

See the example below to see how to find quality races on Zwiftpower.com

To read a detailed description of how races are ranked with examples click here


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