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Easy-to-Follow Tutorial for New Riders: ZADA Power Test

The ZADA Power Test is used by the Zwift Anti-Doping Agency (ZADA) to verify a rider's performance.  Zwift reserves the right to use ZADA for any suspicious performances in any Zwift races.  ZADA is currently targeting Zwift's own marquee events such as the KISS Super League, National Championships, and UCI World Championship.  The ZADA Power Test submission is required to enter these and some other premiere races.  The test is good for 6 month, but takes a considerable effort to perform, video record and submit for analysis, so it is best to do it when you have plenty of free time and are well prepared.  

In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of performing the ZADA Power Test for Zwift. This test measures your power output and heart rate. Follow these simple steps to complete the test:

**Before the Test:**

1. Set up a camera to record you, your bike, trainer, and Zwift screen. You can use a webcam with streaming software (like Streamlabs OBS) or a mobile device.

2. Record the test to a streaming platform like YouTube or Twitch. You can set the recording to "unlisted."

3. Make sure there's no music playing during the recording.

4. Find the ZADA Power Test workout.  It is available in Zwift under the **“60-90 minutes to burn”** category.  Select the course Tempus Fugit in Watopia to do your test and turn off ERG mode.

5. Choose whether to perform the test alone or with others. If riding with others, create a meetup and follow these [instructions](https://zwift.com/news/19189-zwift-how-to-ride-with-friends).

**During the Test:**

1. Start streaming from the login screen. Your stream must show the pairing screen and the selection of your smart trainer, cadence sensor, and heart rate monitor. Unselect and reselect them if they're auto-selected.

2. Set up Zwift to record power from the trainer and a separate cycle computer to record power from another power meter (e.g., powercranks/pedals).

3. Record cadence and heart rate on both Zwift and the cycle computer, but you can use the same sensor for each.

4. Set the "Power Display" option in Zwift to "instant" (not "3-second average").

5. Set the cycle computer to record at 1-second intervals.

6. Set Trainer Difficulty to at least 50% for the entire test.

7. Warm up for 10-20 minutes.

8. Perform a spindown of the trainer and calibrate the zero-offset of the power meter after the warm-up. Ensure this is visible in the video recording.

9. Join the Meetup and select the workout if riding with others, or just select the workout if riding alone.

10. Complete the test in Freeride (NO Erg mode) and with a minimum Trainer Difficulty of 50%.

11. Complete the ZADA Power test workout as instructed on-screen. Finish on Tempus Fugit.

12. After finishing the workout, select "End ride," then "Save" with the "public" setting, and exit Zwift.

13. Stop streaming after logging out.

**After the Test:**

1. Send the two FIT files (from Zwift and your cycle computer) and a link to the stream to Zwift using the form provided in the technical guide or race instructions.

**Test Details & Instructions:**

1. Avoid strenuous exercise 24 hours before the test.

2. Stay hydrated and eat a meal with carbohydrates 3 hours before the test.

3. Use the same equipment you plan to use for the Zwift event or series.

4. Wear a heart rate monitor with wet electrodes.

Follow the detailed instructions for each effort and sprint in the test. Pace yourself during the 4-, 7-, and 12-minute efforts, go all-out for the 1-minute test and two 15-second sprints, and drink between efforts.  The full test takes about 1hour and 15minutes.  

Good luck with your ZADA Power Test!


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