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WEZ Riders

Kenn Cheong
Country Singapore

Adil Tabalong
Country:  Indonesia

JM Lachance
Country:  Canada 

Carlos Flores
Country:  Chile

David Henderson
Country:  United States

Leandro Messino
Country: Argentina

Rogerio Costa
Country:  Brazil

Kiko Arreal
Country:  Spain

Daniel Pinto
Country:  Sweden

Paul Odlin
Country: New Zealand

Franklin Almeida
Country: Brazil

Louis Moore
Country:  Ireland

Juha-Matti Halonen
Country:  Finland

Tomoaki Takasugi
Country:  Japan

Kohiro Hatsukawa
Country:  Japan

Andre Canuto
Country:  Portugal

Saad Khereddine
Country: Morocco

Thomas Mildahl
Country: Denmark

Jinhe Han
Country:  Korea, Republic of

Julien Pesce
Country:  France

Pablo Popovich
Country:  Brazil

Bart Van der Linden
Country:  Belgium

Matias Medici
Country:  Argentina

Sebastian Roman
Country:  Chile

Kenneth Mercken
Country:  Belgium

Anton Muzychkin
Country:  Belarus

Jiwon Lee
Country:  Korea, Republic of 

Maros Kohary
Country:  Slovakia

Andrey Kotkov
Country: Russian Federation

Jack Ramsbottom
Country:  Wales

Bruno Rosa
Country:  Portugal

Adam Francis
Country:  New Zealand

Rusty Devin
Country: Ukraine

Keegan Ross
Country:  Thailand

Luís Silva
Country: Portugal


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